Loan Enquiry Form

Loan Enquiry Form

This is the initial part of our application process and if accepted in principal a representative will call you back and arrange a home visit with a Brantwood Finance Agent and answer any questions you may have to ensure you understand all aspects of our application process.

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If you are working, we will require a copy of your most recent wage slip.

Privacy Policy

Please expand the section below and read the information provided before submitting your enquiry


I confirm that I am at least 21 years old, a UK resident. By completing the Loan Enquiry Form, I confirm that I am not bankrupt and that all of the information I have provided to you is true.

If I receive a call back from Brantwood Finance Company in relation to my enquiry, I understand and agree that, prior to the full completion of my application and the release of any loan monies, an Agent of Brantwood Finance Company will visit me at my home address to complete an affordability assessment and consumer credit agreement. This is the contractual agreement I agree to enter when receiving a loan from Brantwood Finance Company.

Loan amount and length of term requested subject to change pending an affordability assessment.

Data Protection Statement

We are required by the Data Protection Act to keep your personal details confidential and the information you provide will only be used to make a decision on whether to lend you money.

Credit Reference and Fraud Prevention Agencies

We may check your details and credit rating with credit reference agencies - and you will have the right to know which credit reference agency we use. We may also use the information you provide to prevent fraud, money laundering and debt tracing.